Curtailed renewable generation

With the drive towards net zero, the grid will become ever more congested, and unable to cope with peak renewable generation. Therefore during midday during the summer, or when there are gales over multiple days, there will be times when there is not the demand for the generation, resulting in the grid operators enforcing a reduction in the generation, otherwise known as curtailment.   For wind farms, this is of particular issue when there are long periods of gales during times of low demand at night.  With low demand relative to the generation, the wind farm operators are asked to curtail the blades.

This curtailment, reduces the output of valuable low carbon generation impacting the owners, the grid, and the customers.   Everyone is a loser.  In Ireland where renewable penetration is the highest in the world, the situation is particularly bad.  

MaxGen reduces or eliminates this curtailment.   This is done through working with an aggregator that  combines hydrolysis, battery storage, fuel cell generation, and grid services.  In essence this utilises a percentage of the generation in order to charge batteries, and produce hydrogen (through hydrolysis).  This charging and hydrolysis is ramped up at times of peak renewable generation, when the price of electricity is low, and the demand is weak in comparison to the generation.  As renewable generation drops relative to demand, the price of electricity, as well as the balancing grid services grows.  The battery storage is able to provide the short term, fast response grid services, while the fuel cell, powered by hydrogen is able to sustain generation, as long as there is fuel in the tank.  

In the UK ROCs can be claimed under this system, however in Ireland REFITs cannot at present.  We are speaking with Eirgrid to amend this, as this system would reduce their costs, reduce carbon, and balance the grid.

This is a game changer for the wind farms, the grid, and customers.  It is a win, win, win situation.  Generation is maximised, revenues and ROCs/REFITs. 

Drop MaxGen a line re increasing revenues and reversing curtailments.