Smart renewable microgrid

The grid is expensive, unreliable, and high in carbon.  

MaxGen creates smart microgrids for businesses, reducing the cost of electricity, providing resilience against grid failure, and reducing carbon.  NetZero will make the business more economically sustainable, as well as environmentally more sustainable.  This is a win, win, win scenario.

The smart microgrid comprises of:

  • Management tool providing visibility and control of complete energy infrastructure
  • Battery storage enabling flexibility, and efficiencies
  • CHP (300 kw - 3 MW) renewable (used cooking oil) baseload generation 12 - 14 p/kWh for 3 year PPA index linked to RPI.  
  • Solar - field scale, roof-top, or carport - sub 7 p/kWh for 25 year PPA for large field scale solar


The smart microgrid is simulated, designed, constructed, integrated, and continually optimised using the web based management tool, maximising efficiency.

The management tool provides visibility of the complete energy infrastructure,  enabling the automated systems to optimise energy use.

Voltage regulation transformers can further reduce energy usage (cost), maintenance costs and carbon.  The energy cost reductions are guaranteed.  Another win, win, win solution

Capex or opex

The MaxGen's energy solutions can be purchased as capex, or opex. 

There is flexibility depending on requirements:

  • Energy as a Service
  • Storage as a Service
  • PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) 
  • Hire purchase
  • Indexes can be linked to RPI, floating, or a fixed annual percentage