Onsite renewable energy generation comparison for business

When a business in the UK is reviewing its onsite renewable generation strategy, it is useful to have a comparison of the different types of renewable energy generation.

Each form of onsite renewable energy is unique in terms of the method of generation, and the resources needed.   Within a renewable microgrid, they can often compliment each other, providing greater resilience for the business.  For instance, solar is best in mid summer during daylight hours, where as wind is strongest in the dark winter months.

MaxGen can help your business and organisation reduce energy cost, carbon and risk by making the best informed decision of which forms of generation to use and where.

This is therefore a simple comparison between some of the more widely used renewables:


1 MW of field scale solar needs 4 - 5 acres of land, and produces: 

  •  Average 1 MW per day in winter
  • Average 4 MWs per day in summer
  • Approx. 850 MWs per annum in UK at a cost of about 4 p/kWh for field scale solar for a 20 year contract (rooftop solar costs about 5 p/kWh and carport solar about 8 p/kWh)
  • Limitations - need large amounts of space, and not produce much in mid winter when needed

Renewable CHP
1 MW of renewable CHP needs 0.05 acres of land, and produces:

  • Average of 21 MWs per day
  • Approx. 7,665 MWs per annum at a cost of 20 - 35 p/kWh on a 4 year PPA
  • Length of contract from 1 year
  • Limitations - Needs to be on industrial estate or remote location


I MW wind turbine needs 0.05 acres of land, and produces:

  • Average of 7 MWs in summer
  • Average of 11 MWs in winter
  • Approx. 3,345 MWs per annum in the UK at a cost of about 3 p/kWh for a 20 year PPA
  • Needs to be away from residential areas due to noise and visual impact

This is the age of smart microgrids, delivering renewable energy below the cost of grid, when and where the business needs it.  In short this is truly win, win situation where businesses can reduce energy cost, carbon and risk. 

Begin creating your renewable energy strategy with Maxgen, reduce your energy cost, carbon, and risk.

Rooftop solar on farm buildings