Building a smart renewable microgrid  

The grid is expensive, unreliable, and high in carbon. 
 MaxGen designs, models, simulates, and builds smart renewable microgrids for businesses, reducing the cost of electricity, providing resilience against grid failure (blackouts or brownouts), and reducing carbon.   The drive for net zero will not only make the business more environmentally sustainable, but also more economically sustainable.  This is a win, win scenario.
 The smart microgrid comprises of:

  • Management tool providing visibility and control of complete energy infrastructure
  • Battery storage enabling resilience (blackouts or brownouts),  flexibility, and optimising generation
  • Voltage Optimisation reducing electricity losses and therefore reducing cost and carbon

Choice of onsite renewable generation:

  • Renewable CHP (300 kw upwards) using used cooking oil.  Baseload (25 x7) generation 11.5 - 14 p/kWh for 3 year PPA index linked to RPI 
  • Solar - field scale, roof-top, or carport - sub 7 p/kWh for 25 year PPA for large field scale solar
  • Wind - ideal for large industrial complexes

 Cheaper, greener and easier
 There is total flexibility re the delivery of the renewable smart microgrid:

  • Renewable-Energy-as-a-Service with a p/kWh charge
  • Capex funded project
  • ESCo (Energy Saving Company)