Renewable smart microgrid optimisation

Below is a clip from the simulation tool helping to size and configure the smart microgrid: 

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Optimisation - reducing the cost of energy - zero capex
From the very first concept of the renewable smart microgrid, MaxGen is not only optimising the design, but also the day-to-day management of the smart microgrid through the web based management tool.  This web based management tool will be automated to prioritise the customers' objectives, as well as constraints, through the algorithms set.

The multi functional battery storage acts as the balancer, enabling priorities.  Therefore resilience, renewable optimisation, and grid services can all be combined, reducing energy cost, and energy usage.

The management tool provides visibility of the complete energy infrastructure,  enabling the automated systems to optimise energy use.

Voltage regulation transformers can further reduce energy usage (cost), maintenance costs and carbon.  The energy cost reductions are guaranteed.