Renewable smart microgrid solutions, and costs

Reducing energy cost, carbon, and risk

Simulate, design and build your smart renewable microgrid 

Solar - ground mount, rooftop, and carport solar with battery storage. 

Reducing price of electricity sub 7 p/kWh for large scale field solar PPA.

Solar combined with battery storage ensures grid resilience, further energy cost reductions, and optimisation of solution.

Ideal where field space (can be nearby farmland), or rooftop is available, and where there is a long lease on property.

CHP - renewable solution below the cost of grid using used cooking oil:

  • Renewable baseload generation 
  • 3 - 10 year PPAs 
  • From 13 p/kWh
  • Containerised solution - plug and play
  • Cheap heat
  • REGO's available - fuel is used cooking oil & ROC accredited
  • Saves 1,800 tonnes of CO2 per MW of installed capacity

Ideal for distribution centres, hospitals and data centres where space is limited and short lease.

Battery storage with 15 year guarantee: 

  • Optimising onsite generation - CHP & solar
  • EV charging
  • Reducing red zone charges and Triads
  • Providing revenues for grid services 
  • Ensuring resilience against grid brownouts. and blackouts - 14% less energy compared to sing use UPS

Ideal where resilience an issue, optimising onsite generation, and where there are issues with the grid.

Mini microgrid - 24 x 7 off-grid solution

Combined, road towable, off-grid power solution:

  • Solar
  • wind turbine
  • Battery storage
  • Generator (renewable HVO fuel)

Lighting, and security surveillance can be added

Ideal for off-grid situations where the grid cannot be connected into.  Ideal for construction sites, airports,  improving security, waste sites and where access to the grid is difficult.