Smart microgrid solutions 

Onsite resilient renewable generation

Reducing energy cost, carbon and risk

Renewable-Energy-as-a-Service   -    p/kWh zero capex

Smart Microgrid

Onsite renewable generation (solar + CHP) with battery storage - reliable, stable energy that is cheaper and greener than the grid. Zero capex


Management tool providing visibility and control of complete energy infrastructure - optimisation and flexibility.  Zero capex

Optimising export of renewables onto grid

Reducing grid constraints, and curtailments for renewable generators (wind and solar) exporting to the grid, dramatically  increasing profitability.  Zero capex


p/kWh cost (zero capex), analytics, flexibility, future proof

Sustainable business model

Below the cost of grid (p/kWh charge - zero capex) and renewable - reducing cost and carbon

Reducing risk

Stable, reliable energy that is low cost, and green