Smart renewable microgrid solutions 

Onsite, resilient renewable generation

Reducing energy cost, carbon and risk

Growing energy revenues

Renewable-Energy-as-a-Service   -    p/kWh zero capex

Smart renewable Microgrid

Onsite renewable generation (solar + renewable CHP) with battery storage - reliable, stable energy that is cheaper and greener than the grid. Zero capex.


Management tool providing visibility and control of complete energy infrastructure - optimisation and flexibility.  Zero capex

Reducing grid curtailment

Reducing grid constraints, and curtailments for renewable generators (wind and solar) exporting to the grid, dramatically  increasing profitability.  Zero capex


p/kWh cost (zero capex), analytics, flexibility, future proof

Sustainable business model

Below the cost of grid (p/kWh charge - zero capex) and renewable - reducing cost and carbon

Reducing risk 

Stable, reliable energy that is low cost, and green