Renewable microgrid solutions

Commercial solar 

Commercial rooftop, carport solar, and field scale solar - reducing the cost of electricity down to as low as 7 p/kWh

Renewable CHP generation 24 x 7

Renewable CHP - plug and play providing baseload renewable generation 24 x 7 below the cost of grid - reduce cost and carbon

Renewable EV charging hub solution

Unlimited fast and rapid renewable EV charging upto 350 kW off-grid and on-grid.  Complete energy management system


p/kWh cost (zero capex) 
Renewable generation 24 x 7


End-to-end integrated renewable EV solution 
Unlimited rapid charging with renewable generation
Can be 100% off-grid

Smart renewable microgrid

Renewable CHP (24 x 7) + solar + wind + battery 

Renewable energy + resilience + grid services + EV charging hubs