Field scale solar PPA for businesses from 4 p/kWh

Field scale solar for businesses is potentially the cheapest method of providing electricity, if done at the MW scale, is about £600 per kW.  This produces an electricity cost from about 4 p/kWh if done though self-financing.  The next cheapest way is to utilise a zero indexed PPA, with a fixed interest rate - the p/kWh price remains the same throughout the PPA!!  

If there is not sufficient land available onsite, the field scale solar can be done on nearby brown field land or agricultural land nearby with a private wire connecting the solar generation to the business.  

MaxGen can help approach neighbouring farmers, and landowners and set up a long-term agreement (25 years +) enabling the provision of large scale solar generation to the business.  

Field scale solar is multi purpose and so the land can continue to be grazed by sheep.

Field scale solar