Reasons for onsite renewable generation

Electricity usage for businesses and organisations is critical.  With the increasing importance of automation, electricity usage will only grow in importance.  Businesses have been built on the ready availability of cheap, reliable electricity from the grid that has become increasingly green.  However in 2022 the cost of grid electricity has doubled, while there are concerns of grid availability being reduced, and existing constraints are preventing growth in existing loads for expansion or new technologies such as EV charging.

On the other side, onsite renewable generation has become cheaper, easier and greener.   So much so that solar can provide generation at less than 5 p/kWh (self financed), and a bio-generator can provide renewable generation 24 x 7 using used cooking oil less than the cost of grid.   

Therefore renewables can be cheaper, and as resilient as the grid, as well as being 100% green.  

The issues with onsite renewables is that businesses need to have space, as well as the correct advice to understand which of the many options are best for them in the short, medium to long term.