MaxGen's EV charging ecosystem

The provision of renewable eHubs with unlimited rapid charging, along with food, leisure and hospitality – not only helps eliminate charging anxiety, but makes travelling easier, greener and cheaper.

These renewable rapid charging hubs grow revenue streams, utilising the forced dwell time for the provision of food, hospitality, retail, and leisure opportunities to suit.

With MaxGen's 'renewable generation 24 x 7', there are no grid constraints to worry about. The system can be entirely off-grid, utilising onsite renewable baseload generation.   This onsite renewable generation can also include solar, wind and any other form of onsite generation along with battery storage to create a smart microgrid for the EV charging as well as the wider business.

With a large number of chargers available, with pre-booking, over-stay penalties, large parking spaces, cable management system, and a range of onsite facilities – EV charging becomes a desired experience.
The hubs can be canopied, hedged, tree lined and landscaped, with picnic tables under canopies with food deliveries from both onsite, and if permitted nearby 3rd party providers.

The integrated white labelled front and back office platform enable the business to set up loyalty cards, dynamic pricing, special offers, as well as advertise inhouse, and 3rd party services (food, hospitality and leisure).  This integrated data led platform promotes and manages a variety of revenue streams through the one integrated EV charging service Hub. 

Connect in with MaxGen for the integrated EV charging hub solution or consultancy helping your business reap the benefit of growing additional revenue streams.