EV charging opportunity


With clean air zones gradually coming into force around the country, and the increasingly punitive treatment of gas guzzling vehicles, #fleet owners are becoming anxious about the state of the #EVcharging infrastructure as they consider their options.
For many EV drivers there is a constant ‘EV charge anxiety’.  The public charging infrastructure is unreliable, not integrated, and there is a considerable ‘hassle’ factor for those on long journeys, and for those without off-street parking. 
Businesses, in a push to resolve these issues, are committing huge capex spends on #grid reinforcements where the grid is constrained, signing lengthy contracts with EV service providers, and committing to EV infrastructure that is often not future proofed in a rapidly evolving landscape.
Take a step back.  This is the age where many EV hardware, and software solutions are based on modular, scalable, swappable, open protocol, integrated, and flexible systems.  There are fantastic solutions for everything to suit your business requirements and budget, you just need to pick the right combination to suit.

 The government at the moment is also providing 130% Super Deduction tax, as well as grants for EV chargers.   Within the back office software, there is financial and carbon accounting for the business as well as employees, enabling them to calculate their carbon and financials.

 Furthermore, there is now containerised onsite #renewable baseload #generation 24 x 7, on short term contracts, at a p/kWh charge below the cost of #grid that is also plug and play.  Solar, and wind can all contribute.   Grid constraints are less relevant for businesses that have some space to utilise.
For businesses that are looking at offering services to third parties, these reliable #EVcharginghubsolutions, will become glorious honey pots for drivers.  Their valuable #dwell time being used for accessing onsite or 3rd party leisure, hospitality and food services.  The operators will interactively communicate with drivers through advertising, dynamic pricing, and loyalty cards, enticing potential customers to their landscaped rest areas, with their range of facilities and 3rd party services.

The #eFleet can be a truly win, win, win solution that is cheaper, easier and greener.
#EVcharginginfrastructure is a huge opportunity, not a threat.