Renewable energy strategy

The aim has to be to reduce energy cost, carbon and risk for the short term as well as the long term.  
The strategy needs to provide a level of certainty, so that the business is more self reliant and not on the whim of the market.

  • Fix your business's energy cost at 5 - 10 p/kWh with solar and wind.  
  • Fixed interest finance at 8% is available
  • Reduce your carbon
  • Reduce grid constraints
  • Increase resilience, reducing brownouts and blackouts, using renewable energy with battery storage

With the grid becoming more expensive, unreliable and still very carbon rich, all businesses should be considering, where possible, onsite renewable generation as part of their commercial strategy.

Onsite renewable generation can significantly reduce organisations energy cost, carbon and risk for the short, as well as the long term.

With onsite renewables delivering energy from 5 p/kWh in comparison to corporate grid prices running at 30 p/kWh and rising, onsite renewable generation builds economic sustainability, as well as environmental sustainability.  This is a win win scenario for all businesses in the short, medium and long term.

Renewables by their very nature will be more intermittent than the grid, however this can be reduced. If the grid is used for the peaks and gaps in the renewable generation, this helps.  The strategy can be grown by putting in a mix of renewables - solar, wind and bio-generator (generator using used cooking oil), with a battery for the brownouts.

 This economic stability provided by onsite generation, puts businesses back in control.  As automation increases, cheap,  resilient and carbon free electricity will become even more important.