EV charging hub solution - eHub

MaxGen works with a number of strategic partners producing an end-to-end renewable  EV charging hub solution or eHub solution.   MaxGen also provides consultancy for EV charging solutions.

From fleet purchase, to unlimited onsite renewable energy 24 x 7 from £0.35 p/kWh, to online booking, through to granular financial, and carbon accounting, MaxGen partners' delivers a fully integrated, best of breed solution, that is dynamic, modular, and flexible.

This is ideal for eHubs, eFleets and eTransport hubs,  where the fully integrated solution can be centrally managed, but adapted locally.   Each business, each circumstance is different, and continually evolving, along with the technology.  Therefore everything is open protocol, interchangeable, dynamic, modular and flexible.


 The EV charging solution includes a proprietary software platform.  This can be white labelled, and connects in with other third party EV charging platforms, as well as linked services including hospitality, leisure, and food.  


The web based platform enables booking, over stay charges, dynamic pricing, advertising, loyalty schemes, as well as financial and carbon accounting.   There is real-time online and telephone support desk maximising the customer experience. 


The physical space would optimise the customer experience with space, shelter, information, seating areas all landscaped with hedges, and trees. 

Many locations, and businesses struggle with a constrained grid.  This is not an issue.  MaxGen can provide renewable generation 24 x 7 with the renewable CHP, in combination with solar.


This can be done at zero cost, or a a p/kWh cost or capex. 


This eHub for EV charging hub solution, would make the eHub a destination in itself, and help to drive growth in multiple revenue streams.