Multi use battery energy storage for the smart microgrid

The heart of any renewable smart microgrid is a battery energy storage system, providing flexibility, optimisation, grid services, EV charging, and resilience for the smart microgrid.

 The solution is simulated, designed, and built fulfilling the priorities of the business of reducing energy cost, carbon and risk.

The renewable smart microgrid has to fulfill the following functions:

  • Time shifting for the renewables - providing generation when it is needed, or most valuable
  • Providing resilience in case of brown out and black out on the grid (14% energy saving on single use UPS)
  • Providing revenue streams through the provision of grid services, and EV charging

In short the behind the meter battery storage acts as a balancer, delivering on the priorities for the business, and helping to optimise the energy infrastructure.

The multi use battery storage is ideal where resilience from brown outs and blackout is required due to the fact that it is at least 14% more efficient than traditional UPS in terms of energy efficiency, and if combined with renewables, and grid services is able to provide efficiencies and revenues.  Hospitals, and data centres fall within this category.