Commercial carport / canopy solar for businesses 

The cost of electricity from carport / canopy solar for organisations starts from about 8 p/kWh.  
MaxGen works with clients to provide either a PPA:

  • With zero indexation, and fixed interest rate 
  • Self financing with an O&M contract

Carport, or canopy solar provides solar generation on new and existing carparks.  This double use of land can create extra onsite generation, below the cost of grid, and an ability to provide onsite renewable generation for EV charging.   

Commercial carport solar provides:

  • Cheap electricity
  • Reduces carbon 
  • Reduces grid constraints
  • Provides shade, and shelter for the cars and fleet
  • Renewable generation for EV charging and other uses 

The carport solar is more expensive (about £1,400 per kW) to deploy than rooftop solar or field scale solar partly due to the extra steel structures required, as well as the complexities of integrating the infrastructure into existing carparks. 

The cost of electricity from carport / canopy solar PPA starts from about 8 p/kWh

Furthermore, businesses need to ensure that strategically the carpark area will not need to be developed, or repurposed for alternative uses for the lifetime of the solar.

With the issues with the grid, the growth of EV charging, and the rapidly increasing cost of electricity, carport solar should be considered as a valuable source of energy for the business and EV charging.  

Carport / canopy solar for businesses