Baseload renewable generation 24 x 7 in the UK

Onsite baseload renewable generation 24 x 7 (biogenerator) is ideal for businesses with a constant baseload (24 x 7) over 200 kWs.  

The baseload renewable generation solution is ideal where businesses, and organisations have a baseload greater than 200 kWs, and one or more of these:

  • Grid constraints - can provide baseload generation 24 x 7
  • Large Net Zero targets - renewable generation 24 x 7
  • Resilience issues with brownouts and blackouts - provides alternative generation

This solution is called a number of different names, such as a bio-generator, or eco-generator, or bioliquid generator.  The solution is merely a modified generator using used cooking oil as fuel.  This can provide renewable energy 24 x 7, dramatically reducing or even eliminating reliance on the grid.  

Depending on the price of used cooking oil (renewable fuel), the cost of baseload renewable generation can range from 25 p/kWh - 35 p/kWh.

MaxGen can provide a renewable generation solution that:

  • Is renewable - runs off used cooking oil
  • Operates 24 x 7 provide constant baseload generation
  • Short term contract from 1 year - 10 years
  • Takes the space of two shipping containers
  • Can be off-grid, or on-grid
  • Is 'plug and play', and so can be deployed in a few weeks 

MaxGen utilises modified generator technology.  The generators need to be modified as the waste fuel is abrasive on the generators, and depending on the fuel, can be less consistent.  These generators are then turned into bio-generators.

The fuel is a waste fuel that could be from a variety of different sources, including used cooking oil, and tallow that are wastes from the food sector.  The bioliquid fuel is therefore a pure waste. 

These bio-generators are containerised, and so not only can provide a plug and play renewable solution that operates 24 x 7, but take up minimal area.  A 1 MW solution needs only the space of a 40 ft, and a 20 ft container!

With the high density of generation, the renewable generation 24 x 7 solution is ideal for alleviating grid constraints, as well as dramatically reducing carbon when displacing the grid, or other forms of fossil fuelled generation.

This renewable generation 24 x 7 solution is ideal for the following organisations, and businesses that are needing to reduce their energy cost and carbon, as well as their reliance on the grid:

  • Hospitals
  • Data centres
  • Distribution centres
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Food manufacturing
  • Airports
  • EV charging hubs

There are a number of names for a generator that utilises renewable waste fuel.  These are:

  • Eco-generator
  • Bio-generator
  • Bioliquid generator
  • Renewable CHP
  • Renewable generation 24 x 7